Corrosive agents such as animal fat, grease, blood, oil, sugar and citrus juices will deteriorate concrete at a rapid rate. SUPER-CRETE's dense surface keeps corrosion from happening. SUPER-CRETE is a 100% epoxy floor patch and resurfacing system that is USDA approved. When you have to meet government standards, choose SUPER-CRETE. Unlike so many general all round epoxies, SUPER-CRETE was designed specially for the food and beverage res

SUPER-CRETE can be easily applied by your plant maintenance crew with professional results. SUPER-CRETE is extremely easy to trowel. All your floors will be smooth and easy to clean after applying SUPER-CRETE.

SUPER-CRETE is tough. All you need is a 1/8" topping to fight the toughest corrosive spillages. SUPER-CRETE cures quickly. After allowing SUPER-CRETE to dry overnight, you can subject it to any chemical spillage without harm.

COVERAGE Each unit will cover approximately 50 sq. ft. 1/8". This coverage may vary slightly due to surface porosity.

PACKAGING This epoxy is packaged in convenient 5 gal. pails. All materials are factory pre portioned to rigid quality control standards. Each pail contains 1 can of Liquid Resin, 1 can of Liquid Activator and approx. 45 lbs. of indestructible aggregate. All materials can be mixed in the plastic shipping pail.

Prior to application, the floor must be clean, dry and free of dirt, dust, grease and oil. All loose existing paint must be removed. Follow label directions or consult your local representative for specific recommendations.
Mixing can take place in its own shipping pail. First remove the entire contents. Pour in the liquid Resin and Activator and mix slowly and thoroughly mix in. A pail mixer or a mixing blade can be used to facilitate easy mixing.
Trowel the mixed epoxy onto the floor using a steel finisher's trowel. MIPCO TROWELING LIQUID can be used to lubricate the trowel to ease application.

  • Production areas
  • Cold rooms
  • Warehouse floors
  • Expansion joints
  • Locker rooms
  • Boning rooms
  • Loading docks
  • Washrooms
  • Corrosive areas