POX-A-CRETE is the ultimate in new technology epoxy flooring! If you need a floor repair material that can stand up to brutal industrial conditions without chipping or wearing away then this is the product for you!

This specially formulated three component, 100% solids epoxy system can be used almost anywhere with fantastic results. Because it is a Resin-rich system, it will bond with miraculous strength. It soaks into the pores of the concrete and holds tight despite changes in temperature, constant impact and heavy abrasion. Even feather edges stay in place.

Due to its high impact resistance and comprehensive strength, it is ideal for tough industrial conditions. The normal application of 1/8" thickness will stand up to almost all industrial conditions for many years. Your new floor will require virtually no maintenance as it is extremely hard and nonporous. Dirt will be easy to remove and keep clean.

Excellent chemical resistance is always a requirement in an industrial application. This epoxy will stand up to most acids, cleaners, solvents and corrosives. The Polyamine Activator used imparts great chemical resistance to the system.

One of the most outstanding attributes of this epoxy system is the fact that it is very easy to trowel. Even if you have never held a trowel before, you will be able to get a smooth and even finish every time!

• Factories
• Sewage treatment facilities
• Animal care & storage facilities
• Warehouses
• Truck Terminals
• Hospitals
• Parking garages
•Textile plants
• Many more!