FAST ROCK is a new technology epoxy floor patch that sets fast! When you use FAST-ROCK, your down time will be minimal because it sets traffic ready in just 2 hours! Long delays are a thing of the past.pic

FAST ROCK bonds like glue, to most prepared surfaces. It can be used to patch holes, cracks, expansion joints or spalled concrete. It is very easy to trowel, even by the most inexperienced crew.

FAST ROCK combines high strength epoxy resins and super hard graded aggregates to give you the highest strength possible. This tough product can withstand brutal steel wheel traffic and heavy impact. It can be used to repair all types of floor damage-from a featheredge to a deep hole. This is the perfect industrial floor patch!

Use FAST ROCK to repair all industrial and commercial floors when a high speed industrial strength repair is needed. Use it to patch aisles, loading docks, processing rooms, ramps, parking garages, runways, manufacturing areas and many other areas where floor damage can occur.

• Stands up to steel wheel traffic
• Excellent chemical resistance
• High impact and abrasion resistance