DEEP MIX GROUT is a 100% solids 3 component epoxy mortar that has a very high loading of super hard, dense Aggregates. It is extremely strong and can stand up to grinding steel wheel traffic and brutal impact. It has outstanding chemical resistance and can be used in highly corrosive areas.graphic

DEEP MIX GROUT is a very full bodied patch but is still extremely easy to trowel. The most inexperienced workman can get a smooth finish every time.

DEEP MIX GROUT is an ideal and economical patch for prefilling deep holes prior to resurfacing with our other epoxies. You can easily form coves and build up ramps to smooth out differences in concrete slabs without the use of forms. It will not sag or flow after placement.

With DEEP MIX GROUT, all repairs are permanent. It bonds like glue, without primer, to all clean concrete surfaces.

DEEP MIX GROUT is very easy to install. The floor must be clean and dry. You can mix the product in its shipping pail. Pour the liquid Resin and Hardener into the pail and stir until mixed. Slowly add the Aggregate and continue to stir until blended. Pour onto the floor and trowel in place.