ARCTIC CRETE is a special formulation, 100% solids epoxy that is made specifically for patching freezer floors. ARCTIC CRETE will set for light traffic in 2 HOURS at -20 degrees F. It can be used to patch floors in freezers down to -10 degrees F.

ARCTIC CRETE will bond tightly to your floor so that all repairs are permanent. It is a combination of 100% solids epoxy resins and indestructible aggregates which combine together to form an outstanding floor patch that withstands heavy traffic, impact, and chemical spills.

APPICATION The surface to be repaired should be free of all grease, dust, oil, debris, ice, etc. Mix the resin, hardener, and aggregate until thoroughly blended and trowel into the hole. Due to its fast setting qualities, you will only have a short time to place ARCTIC CRETE after mixing. Allow mix to dry prior to opening the area to traffic.

COVERAGE Each unit will cover approximately 15sq ft. 1/8"

PACKAGING ARCTIC CRETE is available in 2 gal. pails.