Corrosive spillages are very common in the plating, chemical & acid processing, fertilizer and petrochemical industry. Floors in these plants are subject to constant chemical and acid spillage, harsh cleaners, steam cleaning, impact blows and grinding steel wheels.

ACID-CRETE is a heavy duty industrial floor patch and resurface that has the chemical resistance and toughness to stand up to these conditions for many years.

ACID-CRETE is an exclusive MIPCO formulation which consists of a Bis A epoxy resin, an aromatic amine curing agent and specially selected graded reinforcing aggregates. This system is easy to apply, fights wear and chemical attack, and is easy to keep clean.

ACID-CRETE hardens quickly so your down time is minimal. The typical ACID-CRETE floor can be put back into service after an overnight cure!

Besides it's exceptional strength and chemical resistance, ACID-CRETE also provides a safe, nonskid surface so your floor is safer for your employees.


ACID-CRETE possesses excellent resistance against aqueous media, including organic acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and chlorinated hydrocarbons. When you have corrosive spillage, you need ACID-CRETE!
ACID-CRETE is a unique resin-rich system that bonds to almost any clean surface with miraculous strength. This resin-rich system is self-priming so it can be applied in a single step process. The ACID-CRETE resins soak into pores of the concrete and lock in permanently. ACID-CRETE will not lose its bond under heavy vibration and traffic. Even featheredges stay in place.
ACID-CRETE has a comprehensive strength that is almost 6 times that of concrete. Due to the indestructible aggregates used, an ACID-CRETE floor can withstand the constant grinding of the heaviest steel wheel loads. And, its impact strength is over 3 times stronger than concrete!
With ACID-CRETE, floors can be completely overlaid without seams or expansions joints as ACID-CRETE is completely non-shrinking! ACID-CRETE is easily blended into the surrounding floor as it is applied at only 1/8" thick! Now you can repair or resurface your badly eroded areas without raising the floor height.